sobota, 27 lutego 2016


Hello everybody ! 

I was wandering for a quite a while about making a youtube videos, but I'm not sure if I can handle this. As you may know I'm not fluent in english, so it could be a bit hard for me. But as someone said, you'll never know unless you try :) As a first video I thought about Spring Lookbook. Outfits from yesterday's and today's post would be included. 
Even though we already have spring in our calendars, it is still freezing outside, so when would be a better time for an oversized camel coat then now ?
Hope you enjoy : )

What I'm wearing :

~ top Primark
~ pants H&M
~ coat MOHITO
~ shoes H&M
~ bag Accessorize
~ sunglasses Orsay

kisses xx

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