czwartek, 18 lutego 2016


Firstly I want to say hello to all of you and thank you so much for checking out my new blog !

My name is Edyta and I'm from Poland.
I thought about starting a blog from about 2 - 3 years now, but I have never found enough courage in myself to do it. I always told myself that it doesn't make any sense, that I'll only make a fool of myself and at the end, nobody will be interested to read it or even look at it. 
But I'm at a very strange time in my life now, and I decided to finally listen to my heart and do what it says. 

I'm gonna be 21 in december. Two times I've tried studying at the university so far. No satisfaction from it at all. It makes me really sad and emotional. 
Let me start from the begining. When I first came to UK, with was 3 years ago, I new after few days that I want to live there one day. Obviously, I was amazed by London, struck by its impact and its architecture. I felt like I have found my place on earth, where I want to stay and live. Ofcourse it wasn't only about the stunning London, I mean generally UK. Lovely people, this characteristic atmosphere. Life there is more happier and I loved it. I'm sure that most of you felt something similar in your own lifes. If not, go and look for it, whatever it is, it's totally worth it. I promise. 
Anyway. After graduating from high school I started studying sociology at university in Wroclaw, with I've quitet sooner than I would ever thought. And I flew to UK. ( ofcourse :) )
I have lived and worked in Bournemoth ( south coast of England ) until the holidays. 
Another year. Another bad decision. In October 2015 I've started studying again. Journalism this time. Now it's half of February and I have quitted uni again. I know it might look like total failure, but it's really hard to do something you don't enjoy doing, something that doesn't bring you any satisfaction at all. So, I finlly got myself together and made a decision. I'm going to university again. I know, I know how it sounded. LOL. But I meant uni in UK. Like I always dreamt and wanted. Decision is made and there is no turning back. 
So, the same with my blog ! I hope that some of you will enjoy it. I hope that it'll give us some satisfaction. I truly belive it. And I'm sory this was so long, but I wanted to share with you part of my story. I hope you haven't got bored, and if you made it this far, thank you !

Sorry for any mistakes, but english is not my first language, even though I did my best :)

xoxo .

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